C-130 Transport aircraft Kit


This is a Perfect Slow Transport Aircraft.

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Product Description

Good fly, fly well, nice to fly, super fly, the value of the recommended aircraft

A full set of equipment set Required to Complete This Aircraft

Motor XXD 2208 1800KV * 2 (2212 motor can not use!)
ESC XXD 30A * 2,
Steering servos x 4 MD90,
integrated Balance Charger x 1,
Radio: 6-channel remote control * 1,
Flight Simulator * 1,
7 x 2-inch three-paddle.

Empty Details: aircraft, stickers, wheels, landing gear, screw, rod, rudder angle chuck (default with no glue, because Courier is prohibited).

Aircraft data:

Wingspan: 1120 mm
Wing area: 14.3dm2 full length: 840mm

Perfect weight: 580g motor XXD 2208 * 2 (2212 motor can not use!)

ESC XXD 20A * 2 * 4 Servo Servo MD90

Material: EPOS EPS molecule is added into the EPO, this effect is both the EPO aircraft crashworthiness and EPS mild, is the best model aircraft material! !

It recommended 7.4V2200 battery, because the use of 11.1V2200 need to increase the conversion into the battery compartment, but no modification difficulty!

All packages are native packages, Customers need to assemble their own.


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