Emax BL2826/06


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Emax BL2826/06 is the brushless motors with neodymium magnets and rotating case are manufactured using advanced technologies from finest materials. Hardened steel shaft supported by three ball bearings and overall robust but lightweight construction ensure very long lifetime. The unique design of the motors gives extremely high torque allowing to rotate large diameter and pitch propellers without need of a gearbox.

New Emax BL2826/06 950Rpm/V Outrunner Brushless Motor
Model: BL2826/06
No. Of cells: 3-4 Li-Poly
RPM/V: 950
Max. efficiency: 86%
Max. efficiency current: 20- 30 A (>78%)
No load current / 10V: 2.1 A
Current capacity 61 A/60s
Dimensions: 30×26 mm
Shaft diameter: 5 mm
Weight: 182 g/6.41 oz
Recommended model weight: 2-3.2 kg
Recommended prop without gearbox: 13*8; 12*8


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