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Fly your own version of this leading edge jet fighter!

The stealth technology and multiple attack capabilities of the F-22 Raptor make it a critical component of the strike force. Electric ducted fan unit allows you to by-pass the export restrictions and enjoy the Raptor’s dynamic flying style with this PIP (Plug in Play) model kit. Use your own R/C system to appreciate the stability and responsive control of a jet fighter model for sharp maneuvers in the hands of intermediate or advanced fliers.

F22 Raptor specifications

Wingspan : 680 mm

Length: 850 mm

Kit weight : 220 g

Flying weight : 800 g

Material: EPS foam

Recommended, but NOT included :

Fed : 65 mm -blade FED x 2pcs

Engine : 2730 KV5000- in -runner Motor x 2pcs

ESC : 30A ESC x 2pcs

Servo : 6g servo

Battery: 3 S 11.1 V 2200 mAh 20C li- poly battery

RC: 2.4GHz 4 channels Transmitter

RC Charger: 2-3 S Balance Charger

F22 setting for this kit only includes the white fuselage + label. You need to use your own edf , motor, esc , servo, rc , battery, charger . This kit requires experience and high level skills to DIY assmbling and test the plane .   The quality of these DIY kits does not look as good as other finished products . But you can make nice work looks like patient!

Pls make sure that you are prepared for this before you buy!


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