FPV 1.2GHz 1500mW 8CH Wireless Digital Video Audio AV Transmitter Receiver System


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Professional 800w/ 1500mW wireless transmitter and receiver kit with audio and video, mainly used for CCTV cameras for long range wireless surveillance
With reliable performance and lightweight, it is also used in the line of FPV system, UAV, RC airplanes/helicopters, and more
Video and data signals at the same time in cars of unmanned equipment
1. Working Voltage:DC12V
2. Working Current:≤280mA
3. Working Frequency:1.2G-1.3G
4. Working Channels:8CH
5. Working Power: 1500mW
6. Connector: transmitter module side RP-SMA jack, antenna SMA plug
7. Transmitting Range: 800m~1500m (In Open Fields)
8. Dimension:53 x 45x 19mm
9. Weight: 78g
Receiver Parameter:
1. Working Voltage:DC12V (Power Adapter is not included)
2. Working Current:≤260mA
3. Working Frequency:1.2G
4. Working Channels:12CH
5. Connector:receiver module side RP-SMA jack, antenna SMA plug
6. Dimension:115 x 80 x 21mm
7. Weight:115g
We do not offer AC/DC power adapter of receiver, You need to purchase a power adapter for receiver!
Package includes:
1 x 1.2GHz 800mW Transmitter
1 x 1.2GHz Receiver
2 x Antennas
2 x AV Cable
1 x Instruction
1. The line has 5 plugs for connecting transmitter, camera and power supply
One of the line’s points connecting to transmitter, another has 4 plugs (red, yellow, white, black)
Red plug connect DC 12V/1000mA, can also connect battery
White and yellow plug connect to camera’s audio and video apart
And black one connects camera’s power input jack
2. Push the control button, can change the channel of receiver
Meanwhile, push it and last several seconds, can close the digital play and turn into saving power model
Then push it again, can replay
The function can be able to lock channel, so as to avoid mistaking operation
3. Set the same channel with transmitter and receiver


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