Lightning F3A


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The machine adopts the EPO material production, high strength: speed flight movements do not deform, toughness: Crashworthiness good, smooth surface: power cool flying small resistance.

Model Features: Dual aileron servos dual control, high precision, large rudder surface, suitable for 3D flight

Large battery compartment Design: 2200mah-2500mah lithium battery capacity to meet the requirements of a long flight.

Concentric shaft design motor base, improve crashworthiness

Careful design equipment, flying more beautiful

Wing Carbon square tube reinforced strength doubled

Empty Weight: 380g

Mainly electronic equipment motor, ESC, servos, charger, radio.

Motor: 2212 1400KV motor.

ESC: ESC can use ordinary 30A

Servo: 4x 9g servos

Charger:b6 charger can be used in general to be high performance models universal charger b6ac charger.

Radio: 4 channel Radio is Required.

Battery: 3s 1500mah with 20c

Propeller: 9050 or 9060


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